may 22th

By: thesouvenirbox

May 22 2010

Category: Things That Make Me Smile


♥ Things That Make Me Smile

1. This video; hard work pays off. Especially when the outcome is as pretty as this.

2. O-Check Design; Just turning the brown-paper pages or seeing the vintagey covers brightens my day, and gives me a wave of that my-life-could-be-a-movie feeling!

3. The Perks Of Being a Wallflower; A wonderful book, it’s short, sweet and definitely made me smile and laugh out loud as I joined Charlie in many familiar teenage moments. I was left with the many beautiful quotations literally stuck in my head.

4. Les Jumelles Boutique; An amazing online shop that sells the pretiest vintage necklaces.

5. Bardot in Blue; One of my favorite blogs. Made by an American girl, living in Paris. Sweet, colourful and inspiring.

6. Lula Magazine; The most beautiful pictures, clothes and dreams. There’s no place like home.♥

7. This video: It’s full of pretty clothes, curly hair, tomatoes, wonderful scenery, a cute couple, and a good storyline.

8. Caitlin Shearer; just check her out and you’ll understand.;)

9. This Song; Lovely movie as well.

10. Manoush website; Makes me think off butterflies, bows and pretty dresses.


 What puts a smile on your face?


3 comments on “may 22th”

  1. Sleepovers, playing dress-up, picnics, magic and music…

  2. congrats on your new site! some things that make me smile…

    …and lots more!

  3. Christmas, cookies, tomatoes and your blog! I love your new blog, by the way. It’s beautiful! X

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