May 29th

By: thesouvenirbox

May 29 2010

Category: Clothing and Accessories




The sun in starting to peep through the -ever present- clouds and it looks like summer has finally made it’s way up to us. I couldn’t be happier and to celebrate the beautiful weather and many sunny days to come, I made myself a “Sumer- Fashion- Inspiration/Wish- List. Dream aways with me, and all these pretty little items.;)

  1. I always try to dress myself like some kind of sixties-photographer-or my interprentation of that-, think camera-necklaces, vintage shoes, my gandma’s old rings and flowery dresses.
  2. I love flats, I can’t wear high heels (Because I’m too young and really, really clumsy, I would probably break my legs trying to walk on them…) so this Parisienne look is perfect for me!
  3. You couldn’t possibly believe how much The Perks of Being a Wallflower has inspired me, it’s a magical, sweet book and I can only recommend it to all of you darlings.
  4. Keeping my photographer-look in mind; a camera like this is absolutely nessessary, don’t you think?


 I can’t wait until school is out so I can completely enjoy my summer filled with Africa (♥), reading, taking pictures, laughing, dancing, dresses, butterflies and fun.

How will your summer look like?

PS. I’m thinking about keeping my first giveaway! Sounds good?


5 comments on “May 29th”

  1. Veel plezier in Afrika, ik ben jaloers! xx

  2. I can’t wear heels either, ironic really because I can manage perfectly fine in pointe ballet shoes 🙂

  3. Looks great! I know how much you love Africa and I wish you the bestest of summers over there. X Elizabeth

  4. looks like your summer style is going to be great 😀

    are you taking a trip to Africa this summer?

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  5. Your comment about yourself in High Heels is pretty funny. I had to laugh! I don’t know how old you are, but if I imagine myself in Heels with, let’s say 16, would be definitely over the top. Now I’m a little bit older and I can’t live without them anymore. I wish I had so much more heels than I own right now. But flats are totally cool. Have some great pairs. Do you like Oxford-shoes. They are a pretty cool alternative too or some boots. I wish I had such a fantastic camera too. I just have a digital one. It is very good and I take pretty pictures with it, but it doesn’t give you the real photographer feeling. I think you understand what I mean. Okay than, hope your school days will end up soon, though that you can enjoy the thinks you like! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo Sandra

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