June 6th

By: thesouvenirbox

Jun 06 2010

Category: Things That Make Me Smile


 The elegance, graceful movements, the beauty. There’s this small part in me that wants to be a ballerina.♥



3 comments on “June 6th”

  1. I agree with @Laura, that you will be an important person in whatever you will do, for sure! You have an eye for the beautiful things in life and on your blog I can find things I can find no where else and what is most important for me, I can feel how much every post means to you. I can feel your enjoyment, your love.

    I’m not a ballet dancer, but I enjoyed this short video very much. It’s very aesthetic. Are you a ballet dancer?

    xoxo Sandra

  2. love the Degas images and the video 😀

  3. Hmmm, i’m so happy you posted something about ballet. I’m a dancer and i’d love to do ballet as well. 🙂 The girl in that little movie is very good. i enjoyed this post a lot. The Souvenir Box is a great blog. And you’re only fifteen! Girl, you’re going to be someone some day. I’m sure about that. I’m a fan. ;-D
    xoxo Laura

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