June 11th

By: thesouvenirbox

Jun 11 2010

Category: Tips and Advice



35 things to do this summer.

♥ Make your own perfume

♥ Keep a journal

♥ Go to the seaside and collect shelves

♥ Watch Audrey Hepburn movies

♥ Listen to every Beatles song

♥ Buy a lovely vintage dress

♥ Wear high heels (If possible. ;D )

♥ Make cupcakes ( Click here)

♥ Have a photo shoot with your best friends

♥ Paint your room

♥ Make a moodbord using Lula Magazine and Frankie

♥ Watch the sunset, the moon and stars

♥ Read sweet romantic books and write poetry

♥ Go on a trip

♥ Be nostalgic: go through old family polaroids

♥ Dance like there’s nobody watching

♥ Try every Starbucks taste you’d like

♥ Wear a flower in your hair

♥ Take pictures of everything you see

♥ Write letters to (old) friends

♥ Make a movie

♥ Visit charity shops (I bet you’ll find something)

♥ Go to an outdoor musicfestival

♥ Paint your nails in pastel colours

♥ Design your own fashion line

♥ Listen to old jazz music

♥ Make smoothies

♥ Watch the ocean at night

♥ Get a sun tan

♥ Go to the woods (or park) for an old fashioned picnik

♥ Watch all frieds episodes

♥ Read vintage magazines and drink tea

♥ Wear pretty sunglasses

♥ Meet new people

♥ Eat icecream

Is there anything you’d like to add to my list? Suggestions are always very welcome!

Gave a great summer. This post is dedicated to the wonderful Bardot in Blue.


15 comments on “June 11th”

  1. The ocean at night is beautiful, I quite agree… and pastel hues on nails are charming. Beautiful summery photos to accompany this post… much appreciated this chilly eve here.

  2. We’ve got a lot in common !

    Vintage dresses, Audrey…

    See U !

  3. Loved your summer list, i’m definitely going to end up doing half the things listed now 🙂
    Me and my friends made a summer list together and some of our top things we were hoping to do included..
    – Having a bonfire
    – Slip n’ Slide down a golf course at night (when the sprinklers turn on)
    – Visiting a farmers market, they have the cutest vintage bracelets there!
    – Learn to play acoustic guitar

  4. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!
    oh you’re still in summer? i’m so jealous!
    winter’s setting in down in australia – its sooooo cold!
    i wish i could hop a plane to Belgium for the sunny weather!

    x amie

  5. you are such a dear. thank you for leaving such sweet words on my blog! following you now, sweet pea. ❤

  6. You got me at “make your own perfume!” That’s such a unique idea. Let me know how it goes?

  7. I love your list it really has the perfect things to do during summer! I love the idea of taking a picture of everything you see 🙂

  8. BEAUTIFUL blog i love it 🙂

    now following !!!

    Love these images, they are just magical !

    Char x

  9. Journals are very, very good (:
    And I like the idea of a moodboard, but I’m really protective of my Lula magazine! I could never cut her up

  10. Journals are very, very good (:
    And I like the idea of a moodboard, but I’m really protective of my Lula magazine! I could never cut her up


  11. hi! thanks for stopping by http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com i think my favourite florence song would have to be dog days are over… 🙂 it’s so fun!
    you should add road trip to the list! and also, i heard ebay were having a sale on vintage copies of elle and vogue – check out if that’s still on! i already do a journal so im one step ahead of you!! 🙂 xxxx

  12. hi! wow such a good list! i already keep a journal – so i’m one step ahead of you! 🙂 for the vintage magazine one – i heard ebay was doing a sale on old vogue and elle ones – check that out – not sure if it’s over or not! you should add roadtrip (although you already have go on a trip!)
    thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! i love drumming song and kiss with a fist and dog days are over… but all of them are good! the album is AMAZING! 🙂 xxxxx http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com

  13. hi sweetie! i love this list and hope that I can find the time to do at least half of the lovely things 😀

  14. Oh, I really like those cupcakes. 🙂 Thank you! I’d like to keep a journal. Have a great summer yourself! XOXO Lena

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