June 14th

By: thesouvenirbox

Jun 14 2010

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Yesterday I went shopping to enjoy the last weekend before my exams -aaarg, I’m really stressed!- ;D- and it was great! Because sales will start in about a week, the city was peaceful; no busy shoppers or full fittingrooms. I bought a pair of jeans, a lovely top, an adorable dress and a wonderful skirt (everything from Zara). Especially the skirt made my day, it’s a short white one with little diving girls on it. As soon as we got home I wanted to share it with you dears. (although I wished I took some better pictures) It will look great on a plain dark blue top and flats, don’t you think?  

I’d love to hear what you think about it. What did you buy recently?

PS: The lovely Glamirrorous wrote the sweetest piece about me. She is so kind and although I have never met her, it feels like she’s been a close friend of mine for years. I love this girl.

PPS: I was watching the World cup (don’t ask why. ;-D ) when I heard the awful news about the Mandela family’ great-grand child, I thought I was going to burst out to tears. These people have already been trough so much misery… But this amazing girl wrote the most beautiful post about the loss, it somehow made me feel better.


6 comments on “June 14th”

  1. That skirt is ridiculously cute! I love the pattern and the colours, and it would look great with a dark blue top. I really like your blog!

    I’m supposed to be on a shopping ban but I caved the other day and bought three pairs of tights – black with grey seams, sheer with black seams and black floral lace.


  2. Hello,

    Thanks for your sweet comment and support !

    Your blog is stunning and so original, I love it !

    See U !

  3. the poor mandela family… my thoughts and prayers are with them. ❤

    i forgot to say in my previous comment – when you mentioned that my photos reminded you of tim walker, i nearly got tears in my eyes! he's one of my favourite photographers ever! he inspires me so much, and the fact that you said that absolutely made my day! so thank you, so so much, sweetheart. 🙂

  4. That skirt looks gorgeous. It’s so simple looking, but then you look at it longer and you see the pattern which is so unique.

    Haven’t bought anything as of late. Been lounging at home waiting till my exams finish. Goodluck for yours!

  5. thank you so much for the nice feature, a blogger told me about.I am glad it made you feel better 🙂
    Have a lovely day ^^


  6. The skirt is very cute and unique. My clothes are more classic. The last thing I bought was a jacket from Topshop. I was so crazy about it as I first saw it on omiru.com.
    I knew I have to have this jacket, but the problem was that Topshop doesn’t
    ship to Brazil and if they do, maybe it would probably be very expensive. Then I came to the idea to buy it, let it ship to my mothers house in Germany and then she will send it to me. After 2 month it finally arrived. If you want to take a look check one of my older posts http://bit.ly/beSwPs, but soon I plan to make an outfit post, which includes this jacket. 😉

    I read the post dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela’s grand-child. It is a sad story.

    I’m glad you like the very small feature on my blog. Unfortunately the layout of WordPress sometimes doesn’t work very well and I can do what I want WordPress just don’t make a space between lines. Horrible! It happens so often already, but it still drives me crazy. I need to have everything as perfect as possible.

    Thanks for your lovely words and the mention of my blog and post. I included your blog link in my blog roll! ^^ Hope, we will have the chance to meet some day!

    xoxo Sandra

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