June 17th

By: thesouvenirbox

Jun 17 2010

Category: Everything Else


 Today I had my first exam (Latin. I’m not very good at it but oddly, the test went good. There must be someone wishing me good luck.;D), I still have five more days (and tests) to go and then I can finally enjoy 2 months of doing absolutely nothing that involves school. I’d love to read this book, and buy something from this amazing designer called Orla Kiely. Since I bought a secondhand bag by this wonderful lady, I’ve been a sucker for everything saying Orla Kiely.

I’m also planning on going to Africa for 2 weeks which means that I will not be able to post anything. But when I’ll get back I’ll be more than happy to share every little detail with you dears. 

PS: Who wants to be penpals with me? I love mail and I adore my readers so I think it might be fun.



6 comments on “June 17th”

  1. i can’t wait to hear more about africa!!! good luck on the rest of the school stuff sweetheart!!

  2. Have fun in Africa, dear!

    p.s. Ik wil wel auditie voor de penpals-functie(als ie dan nog niet bezet is).

  3. I love the second look on the banner !

    Plus, yes Latin is hard (and a little bit useless, no ?).
    This is so great you go in Africa ! I’d love to go to Saint Louis du Sénégal for my part.

    See U !

  4. First of all good luck for the rest of your exams, Daphne! In Germany you would say ‘Toi. Toi. Toi.”. I sucked in Latin, too. But we always had the answers for the exam before the exam. Our teacher wasn’t that smart, but we. So I made some good marks. 😉
    The book you want to read seems to be very interesting. Interesting title. Interesting title. I’m reading a book from a German author, which my mother send to me, currently. I never laughed so much!
    The clothes of Orla Kiely are very special. Some pieces I really like, but hell they are expensive. Puh, I could not efford a dress of this brand.
    You will go to Africa for two weeks? Omg, that sounds excited. Where do you will go? A friend of mine spent 6 month in Kenia. It was the experience of her life and she loved it. Enjoy your free time without school and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Hugs, Sandra.

  5. Good luck! I also have to study 😦 not fun!
    But you have a great thing to look forward to, Africa!

  6. oh wow latin, is it hard?

    What are you doing in Africa?

    And I would love to be penpals 🙂

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