June 21th

By: thesouvenirbox

Jun 21 2010

Category: Clothing and Accessories



Ohh, I love online shops! Since I’m spending pretty much all my free time looking at those sweet little items they offer, you can almost call me an online shop specialist. ;-D  And gosh, did find some wonderful treasures! Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. I just discovered this etsy- shop yesterday and I immediately fell in love with it, the founder creates all the adorable accessories herself and sells them for a little price. The leather purse necklace stands on the top of my wish list. 
  2. I suppose everybody knows ModCloth and they should. I always find something on the amazing site and now, I reallyreallyreally like these shoes!
  3. What can I say about Anthropologie beside the fact that the shop is just perfect? They stock about everything you can wish for, it goes from dresses to books to cookie stands (I love cooking and baking so their kitchen section is heaven to me) . I found this dress in their sale section and I adore it. It makes me think of a ’60 dance dress and I just love the dots detail.
  4. Les Jumelles Boutique must be my absolute favorite. They sell the most beautiful necklaces with a vintage touch. It’s been very hard to choose but I think their loveliest item is this cute piano necklace, too bad it’s sold out.. 

What online shops do you like? I’d love some recommendarions from all you darling stylish readers.

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PPS: I’m thinking about making my blog a bit more… white. What do you say, like the lay- out or could it use some work?



12 comments on “June 21th”

  1. Gorgeous shops! I’ve just gone white (my blog that is) and I quite like it!

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. Oooh, love the etsy shop! And it’s British so cheap postage for meeee (:


  3. OMG i love you 😀 thanks for posting the link to modcloth – i haven’t been there in quite a while & so i clicked it…. & found just the PERFECT bow-top that i’ve been looking for ;)!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful links! You got great taste ^.^

  4. Love. Love. Love. 🙂 I really like this one: http://thischarminggirl.bigcartel.com/
    Brilliant blog, Daphne!

  5. I have to agree, the piano necklace is adorable.
    Anthropologie is my favourite store atm though, they have the most unique and beautiful pieces of clothing out there.
    Aritzia is another one of my favourite stores, but i’m not sure that it’s outside of Canada or not.
    I also suggest checking out Mink Pink, they have some great things as well!
    I love your blog the way it is, so I suggest keeping it exactly the same : )

  6. Oh, you’re so sweet! Thanks so much and for your nice comments on me old blog x

  7. ahh the wonders of online shopping! i think your blog is pretty good as it is :p no need to change anything.

    ps. the songs you recommended were nice. but i prefer their other songs. ie: iron and wine’s “fever dream” & noah and the whale’s “blue skies”.

  8. I love les Jumelles !

    But thanks a lot for sharing this great Etsy shop !
    Deers and bunnies are my two favorite animals !
    I love these shoes too

    See U !

  9. I can afford absolutely nothing at the moment, one of the perks of being a writer and academic 🙂
    I think your blog is lovely the way it is, but it’s really up to you.

  10. So cute! I really like your theme, please don’t change it. 🙂 Aaarg, I really should be learning my examinations now but your blog is so addictive.
    Love every thing about The Souvenir Box.
    Quinn xx

  11. I’m following you! 🙂 This must be one of your best posts so far, I really like that first online- shop you wrote about! I think I’m going to buy one of her sweet accessories. Thanks for sharing! And about the lay- out: You must do what you think is best, I like this lay- out. But I think I know what you mean with ‘ a bit whiter. I suppose you’ll be able to put up more widgets than now, no? Anyway, I’m sure it will turn out wonderful, no matter what you do. 🙂

  12. I love the cute etsy shops I see around people’s blogs, including this one!

    Also a piano necklace?! Brilliant! I’m buying that once it’s in stock again!


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