June 23th

By: thesouvenirbox

Jun 23 2010

Category: Inspiration


1:oo am   i’m still awake.

1:01 am   you’re in my head.

1:02 am   i think of your eyes.

1:03 am   i smile.

1:04 am   i try to sleep again.

1:20 am   you’re still in my head.

1:30 am   get out of my head.

1:40 am    i still can’t sleep.

2:00 am   i think of your lips.

3:00 am   i’m tired

4:00 am   you. you. you.

5:00 am   you’re still in my head.

6:00 am   you’re in my heart.

7:00 am   i finally fall asleep.

8:00 am   i get ready for school.


I fell in love with this picture by Elizabeth Young. What do you think of her? Ohh, and this song is stuck in my head, need music recommendations. xx

PS: tomorrow is the last day of school so you can expect lots of outfit posts to come this summer.


5 comments on “June 23th”

  1. That is a beautiful photo… and I like the first five lines especially.

  2. What an adorable blog! I love it!

  3. Adorable! My summer started today, and trust me..it is the absolute best feeling when it is all over with 🙂
    I just found the most relaxing summer song I think you’ll quite like.
    Check out Dream- Priscilla Ahn

  4. Daphne thanks for the nice comments. I am studying international development and globalization .I hope you will enjoy your self in Kenya, I never got the chance to go there but it seems like a wonderful country! I can’t wait to see your photos!!
    Have a nice day

  5. Lovely. I ADORE your blog. Can’t wait to see how the ‘outfit- posts’ will turn out. The photograph is indeed very beautiful.

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