June 26th

By: thesouvenirbox

Jun 26 2010

Category: Inspiration


These past days I’ve been busying myself with drinking more tea than I probably should, walking round the neighbourhood at 1.30 am, doing ballet (or at least; to try so), putting way to much thought into what I wanted to wear, reading more books than I ever have in such short notice, taking pictures of our house, making collages with old magazines, ohh and I actually starting drawing thanks to this wonderful blog , it turned out rather pretty and I promise that I will post some more about my little pieces of art in some following post.xx

What have you been up to the past days? I finally finished making my blogroll, don’t forget to check it out!

{photo credit: Igor+André}


4 comments on “June 26th”

  1. That seems like you had a nice day, its good that your are enjoying your summer! I can’t wait to see you drawings I am sure they are really nice 🙂
    Have a nice day!

  2. Igor + Andre does the most pretty drawings – I would love to get a print of his art. Can’t wait to see how your drawings turn out!


  3. Am always amazed when I see other people’s drawings – makes me feel so inadequate 😛

    But cant wait to see your art pieces

  4. I love Igor+ André! Thank you so much for sharing, I’ve never heard of him before (It’s probably a really famous blog but I’m not quite familiar with the blogging world hah) Yours is amazing too, it always inspires me. Can’t wait to see your ‘little pieces of art’ and your blogroll is one filled with diamonds.(; Will check them all out. Promise.
    Have a great day, Soph

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