June 28th

By: thesouvenirbox

Jun 28 2010

Category: Inspiration


Do you remember my list with 35 things I wanted to do this summer? Well, currently I’m working on the ‘design your own fashion line’- thing. Above you can see the inspiration for my line who will be called ‘Sunny Afternoon’. As you can see it’s a combination between the African culture (the left part of the moodboard), think deep characteristic colours, soft fabrics and comfort and the whole European fashion, think haute couture, bright colours and dresses. I’ve already created two looks and I’ll be posting all of them in my following posts (on new blog) , hope you’ll like them! It’s just for fun but perhaps I’ll actually make one of the dresses myself, good giveaway?

Ohh, and I made a new blog. This was the last post on The Souvenir Box. I can’t believe that I’m moving again, what’s wrong with me? ;D Anyway, I’m very happy how it has turned out and I really think this is one to stay.

Have a loooovely summer dears! It’s boiling hot here and you can’t believe how much tea I’ve been drinking lately. xx


2 comments on “June 28th”

  1. so wonderful!

    just passing by your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! pls come drop by mine too and maybe we can follow each other. =)


  2. Oh this is so lovely I like your inspiration .. I can’t wait to see those looks..I am also looking forward to reading your new blog!

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